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Reimagining Ministry Renewing the Church

Studying Theology at Trinity College

To participate in the Reimagining Contemporary Ministries for a Renewing Church project, apply today to study within the Master of Divinity degree programme.

For information on the MDiv and the other graduate theological programmes at Trinity College, visit the Faculty of Divinity website.

Faculty Support

Guided by “living tradition” — principles of traditioned innovation or discontinuous continuity — the Reimagining Contemporary Ministries project aims to spur ongoing experimentation and innovation in the Trinity College Faculty of Divinity’s approach to ministry training.

Working across the entire faculty and all programmes, the project is at the heart of the faculty’s efforts to build on its existing strengths while creatively enhancing ministry training to fill gaps in our curriculum and meet the needs of students and church constituencies in the Canadian context.


Fr Geoffrey Ready is the Reimagining Contemporary Ministries project director.

In addition to coordinating this project for the Faculty of Divinity, Fr Geoffrey directs the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College, and teaches courses in liturgy, Bible, and pastoral studies.

If you have questions or if you would like to discuss any of the project’s initiatives, please feel free to get in touch.

Fr Geoffrey Ready