Christian ministry engaging with the challenges of the world today

This ‘living tradition’ project focuses on preparing creative pastoral leaders to meet the complex needs of the contemporary church and rapidly changing society

Models and Mentors for Creative Mission
To address the demand for new missional models of the church in a post-Christian, multifaith, and multicultural context...
We are introducing ongoing and mentored missional experimentation for all students preparing for ministry
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Spiritual Direction for Flexible Ministry
Given the need to better equip and support church leaders for confronting the challenges of innovative and flexible ministry...
We are ensuring all our students have access to spiritual direction focused on preparing for ongoing innovative ministry
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Advisors and Partners for a Diverse Body
To ensure the post-Christendom church moves beyond its past collusion with power and systemic injustice...
We are working together with indigenous and Inuit people and other peoples of colour to reshape our faculty and curriculum
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Venn Diagram
Expansive Formation for a Welcoming Church
To provide for a more effective and hospitable introduction to theological studies for people of all backgrounds...
We are developing new forms of catechesis and discipleship for individuals preparing for church leadership
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Celebrating ministry at Trinity College and our mission partners


‘This time is similar to the context of the early church. Like the first Christians so blessed and changed by Pentecost that they could speak Christ in new languages, we too are learning new ways to communicate the gospel using new words and new images to preach Christ—and him crucified and risen, and on the loose in the world redeeming with love and grace.’

BISHOP SUSAN BELL, Anglican Bishop of Niagara

Trinity College Faculty of Divinity Convocation 2022

BUT IF THE SALT — motto of the Trinity College Faculty of the Divinity
‘For everyone will be salted with fire. Salt is good, but if the salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.’ — Mark 9.49-50