Spiritual Direction for Flexible Ministry

Spiritual directors to support students undertaking innovative ministry

This initiative will:

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The theme of the 2021 clergy conference of the Diocese of Toronto was “Negotiating a Liminal Season.” The speaker was Susan Beaumont, whose book, How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, has been circulating among Anglican clergy in Canada throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This was in recognition of wide-spread expressions of fatigue, disorientation, and confusion due to the uncertainties and challenges of the lockdown, and the need to quickly adjust in the delivery of church ministry. Furthermore, many Canadian dioceses, including Toronto, are reporting that many future clergy will need to either create their own viable congregation if they are to be ordained, or will have to accept a bi-vocational ministry financially supported by a career outside the church. Individuals considering ministry vocations are increasingly aware of these challenges and frequently express the sense of being ill-prepared to face such a ministry context. Meanwhile, the ongoing problem of burn-out among current church leaders is well documented. Many current clergy lament that they were not “formed” to lead churches through the challenges they now confront. The Faculty needs to better address these issues if it is to continue to provide excellent preparation for church leadership.

All Trinity College MDiv students will be supported through the process of selecting and accessing a credentialled spiritual advisor.

Students with an existing relationship with a qualified spiritual director may apply for funding to cover their costs.